ExtJS Form Field Icon Plugin


This plugin adds a highly configurable icon to the form field. The icon can be used as an indicator of a tooltip with the description, or it can be configured as clickable to trigger an action on the field or to display a custom context menu.

Live Demo

Live Demo ExtJS 5

Main Features

  • supports font, css and image icons
  • configurable position: before/after label, before/after input
  • supports both quick tips and rich tooltips
  • fires click events to trigger actions
  • plugs in any form field

Design Goals

The main design goal was to easily display an icon next to the field that would serve as a target for quicktip for I needed to display a verbose field description.

The icon should be a font icon as standard bitmap icons just do not look good anymore.

Later, I’ve added events to the icon so that an action can be triggered (on left click), or a context menu can be shown (on right click).

Quick Start Guide

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file anywhere in your http server accessible folder
  2. Navigate to http://localhost/where-you-unzipped/saki-field-icon/docs
  3. Follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide


The package contains two versions:

  • ExtJS 4
  • ExtJS 5


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I'm a well seasoned developer, consultant and educator of web applications based mainly on Sencha libraries, PHP, MySQL and Node.js. Besides (Apple) computers, I love photography and mountain biking.
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  1. Robert Brierley says

    Do you have any plans in the future to release the sample files created in Sencha Architect 3.
    This would be a great value for developers like myself trying to get up to speed in hand coding

    • says

      Do you mean plugin packed for Architect? I have setup the architect packager for Ext 4 and I have tested it so it works. I can use the same packager to pack 5.x version and sent it to you by e-mail if you have purchased the plugin.

      I haven’t tested it yet with 5.x compatible architect, though.

      Just drop us an e-mail if you are interested.

    • says

      Thank you for the bug report Hans, I’ll fix it soon. Meanwhile, you can use position:”afterLabel” the is workable (Actually it is the only one that works).

      • Hans Dampf says

        Awesome, thanks! How can I get an updated version once you fixed it (I’ve bought the “1 developer” license)?

        • says

          It’s a bit more to it than I expected, the markup is entirely different when label is at the top. We’ll let you know when then new fixed version will be out.

          • Hans Dampf says

            Any news regarding the fix? Also, how can I get access to the ExtJS5 version? The download links I got in my confirmation mail are not valid anymore (obviously)

  2. Maciej Zabielski says


    destroy:function() line 437 in icon.js will throw
    Uncaught Error: “Ext.dom.Element#removeAllListeners” is deprecated. Please use “clearListeners” instead.

    on ExtJS 5.1

    Any ideas?
    Best Regards,

  3. George Davis says

    Hi Saki,

    I purchased the plugin and I am running 5.1 on Architect. Can you send me the architect packager?


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