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The plugin adds a row of configurable form fields below the grid header where the filter values can be typed or selected. As user types the desired values, or on pressing enter, the grid store gets filtered to show only the matching records.

Live Demo

Using Ext Grid MultiSearch Plugin Video

Main Features

  • always visible filtering fields and values
  • pronounced indication of filtering
  • configurable as-you-type or on-enter filtering
  • configurable filtering fields (text, combo, date, custom)
  • the filter can be disabled for some columns
  • reset icon on each field
  • plugin control menu (with reset filter option)
  • plugs easily in any grid
  • very easy to configure
  • fully documented

Product Images

Design Goals

Many business applications store a huge number of records (thousands, millions) in the server databases what makes it difficult to present them to users. Standard paging grids or infinite scrolling grids do not solve the problem. Users usually want to find one or a few related records to work with.

While core Ext has a filtering plugin, it is somewhat awkward to use as the user needs many clicks to enter a filtering value. Also, the effective values are not directly visible in the filtered grid.

So the main goal was to provide easy-to-use, straightforward user interface with the minimum number of user actions needed to enter and see the filtering values.

For developers, the plugin must be easy to configure, however, advanced configurations must be possible.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file anywhere in your http server accessible folder
  2. Navigate to http://localhost/where-you-unzipped/saki-grid-multisearch/docs
  3. Follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide


The package contains two versions:

  • ExtJS 4
  • ExtJS 5 (compatible up to 5.0.1)

Known Problems



  • make the plugin stateful
  • add the possibility to name and save filters


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  1. Binalfew Kassa says

    I was a bit skeptical when I purchased this plugin as I did not have any idea how I will make it work with Ext Direct and MVC.NET, but after a bit of communication with the Saki, i managed to integrate this fabulous search plugin in my data intensive freight forwarding and customs declaration system (500,000+ records). Well done Saki!! Keep up the good work.

    • Filip Sakalos says

      Hello Binalfew,

      we are always happy to hear when our products help customers to achieve good results. Thank you for your feedback!

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