Return Value of Function as items Pattern

Code in this post can be obsolete, however, principles and theory may still apply.
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  1. Lucian says

    A good example on how to use this pattern:

    That code will render a combobox for selecting one year between 1900 and the current year, basically an “year selector”.

  2. says

    the difference is scope : in case you need to refer to properties/methods of the class itself (this) inside the function.
    also, i think it’s a good practice to NOT use inline functions (closures) this way, but to refer to defined methods of the class, or to ‘helper’ methods.
    correct me if i’m wrong .

  3. plop plop says

    I’m trying to use this method to attache dynamicly a parameter to a proxy in a model.

    proxy : {
    extraParams : {
    test : (function(){
    return ‘test';

    This cause an error : Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function
    Where am I wrong ?

    • says

      createDelegate? This function has been removed in Ext 4. Now you would use something like this:

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