Routing in ExtJS 5 using MVC Controller


This example shows how to implement routing in ExtJS 5 application. The application uses MVVM architecture and the routing is implemented using MVC controller.

Important note: The application runs in iframe so you do not see how url changes when selecting customers in the grid or view. However, browser’s back and forward buttons work to navigate within the application.

If you want to see how url changes open the application in new window.

Main Features

  • the application uses MVVM architecture and data binding
  • customers can be selected in the grid or data view, the selection is synchronized
  • map uses Google geocoder to find location from the address
  • uses font icons
  • beginners warning: the application uses advanced techniques

Use Cases

This approach to routing is suitable for applications that do not have a definite main container (viewport). For viewport-based application there is another, better approach: Routing in ExtJS 5 using MVVM.

Source Files

The application consists of many files so only sources relevant to routing are listed for the sake of simplicity. They are:

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  1. David MacLean says

    You have defined a route as ‘!:tab/:id’
    I searched regexp, I looked and looked, I don’t get it.
    Finally it dawns on me the bang(!) is part of the route? It appears in the browser.

    So you have something in mind. Dunno what.

    The colon is not documented, or did I miss that somewhere.
    Ext examples are straightforward. Yours is not.

    I understand the regexp for capturing a specific id.
    The colon and bang are mysterious.

    Why have you introduced the exclamation mark?

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