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I'm a well seasoned developer, consultant and educator of web applications based mainly on Sencha libraries, PHP, MySQL and Node.js. Besides (Apple) computers, I love photography and mountain biking.
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What is a computer?


Why should we even seek an answer to this question? Everybody knows. We use them every day, they’re all around us and we cannot even imagine life without them. Well, you wouldn’t believe how many people cannot give you a definition, even if they use computers all day long.

I would like to say, Thank you!

handshake on blue sky and sunlight

I have received very nice private message on Sencha Forums from the user new to ExtJS whom I helped to understand the basic concepts of Ext applications. Here is the full text of the message (with his permission).

Experience: Ext Component loading can be slow


This spring I was contacted by one company with the request of consulting on their application developed in PHP and ExtJS Javascript Library. They wanted to come on site, stay with them one week and advise. I usually take such jobs but I always want to know what product is expected so I know in […]

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