Announcement: Grid Search Plugin now compatible with ExtJS 5

Few days ago we announced that Grid MultiSearch Plugin is compatible with ExtJS 5. Now we are happy to announce that Grid Search Plugin is also compatible with ExtJS 5. When you buy the plugin, you’ll receive two zip files, one for ExtJS 4 and the other for ExtJS 5. More info here.

Functionality is same as for ExtJS 4 package.

Note to existing customers:
You can download the ExtJS 5 version of the plugin for free using the following procedure.
1. Login to the site.
2. Go to
3. Scroll to the bottom of page and click “Generate Download Link” button.
4. Two links will be generated, one for each zip file (they appear above the button). Click them and download will start.

Filip Sakáloš

Director of Operations at Learn from Saki

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  1. nithin b says

    i am unable to download the zip. i am a free user, and “Generate Download Link” link is not clickable.
    I want to build a custom Advanced search component for a grid. Since i am new to Extjs, i wanted to see the approach you have taken and also build on top of it.

  2. George Davis says

    I am using the MultiSearch Grid Plugin for ExtJs 5. We need to move our project to Extjs 6 on architect to make use of the advanced features. Can you let me know when this will be available? Thanks.

We will be happy to hear back from you

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