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I have originally started this site back in 2008 with the purpose of collecting and sharing information useful for ExtJS developers. It had gained considerably popularity at the time, but I had to work on other projects: development of my own applications, consultancy and ExtJS training.

For this and other reasons, I gradually ceased to update the site with new information, examples, code snippets and add-ons. However, I have somewhat felt that I should give it at least some attention and share the knowledge I have gained on the route with other developers.

So, here is the restart.


I have reviewed what were users finding on the original site, their comments and expectations and together with my own ideas I define the purposes of the main areas of the new site as:

  • to provide education needed for (better) development of ExtJS and Touch applications
  • to provide professional grade add-ons (extensions, plugins, overrides)
  • to provide expert services for other developers

Enjoy the new design and content, by exploring my site:

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I'm a well seasoned developer, consultant and educator of web applications based mainly on Sencha libraries, PHP, MySQL and Node.js. Besides (Apple) computers, I love photography and mountain biking.
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