Knowledge is power

Education is teaching people to know how to do things.Saki

Pro grade addons for your apps

Why make puzzle pieces if it’s so much more fun to do the puzzle.Saki

Boost toward your goals

If I can do it, I do it. If it isn't worth to do it myself, I find a service that does it for me.Saki

Plenty of easy to understand, to the point articles, videos and well written examples

Learn ExtJS, Sencha Touch, JavaScript, SASS/CSS,development principles, good practices and tips and tricks from the world renowned experts


Pro grade add-ons for your apps

Extensions, plugins, overrides, features, mixins written by developers for developers.

Ready to be integrated into your projects, with documentation and support.


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Accelerate your projects with the help of our experts

Bring our consultants or trainers in for remote on-line help, code review, architecture design, on-site advisory or training and many others.

We can solve any problem of the Sencha suite web application development.


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